Come shape the future of the internet with your everyday web surfing skills!  

Welocalize is an award-winning localization and data transformation company. We are currently building one of the world’s largest Search Rating Programs and want you to join! 

As a Search Quality Rater, you will review and grade internet search queries to help search engines work better. 

In other words, you’ll tell the search engine how good or bad its results are based on the user’s keywords. 

This role is great for people who: 

  • Surf the internet daily
  • Use major search engines frequently
  • Know what people want based on a few keywords
  • Enjoy researching topics online 

Recruitment Process & Steps 

There is no formal interview for this job! No phone calls, no waiting, and no wasting time wondering whether you got the job or not. 

Instead, you will be guided through a self-paced and automated recruitment process. 

The recruitment steps are as follows: 

Stage 1: Application & Pre-Screening  

  1. Candidate Application

    a. Submit your application for review.

  2. Welocalize Application Review

    a. We will review your application. If you are selected to move forward in the recruitment process, you will move on to Stage 2. If you are not selected, we will let you know through email. 

Stage 2: Profile Creation  

  1. Profile Creation in Welocalize Systems

    a. You will create a profile in our system with an email and password (Your email must be a Gmail address). This will give you access to Welocalize systems to complete the next steps of the recruitment process.

  2. Basic Info, Eligibility, and Document Review

    a. You will answer a short list of questions to determine your eligibility to work on the project. These include questions about location and previous exposure to Search Rating. You will also review and sign our standard Non-Disclosure Agreement and Service-Level Agreement. If you pass this screening step, you’ll move on to Stage 3. 

Stage 3: Assessment & Review  

  1. Language Assessment

    a. You will complete a brief language assessment to ensure suitability with the work's language requirements.

  2. Learning Material & Entrance Exam

    a.  Prior to hiring, all candidates must pass a client-created Entrance Exam which simulates the actual work. Welocalize will provide you with learning material to prepare for the Entrance Exam.

  3. Final Review & Approval

    a. Our client reviews all candidates who pass the Entrance Exam for final approval. Once we receive approval, we will complete your onboarding and get you set up to start with the team. 

As there is no traditional interview for this role, much of the process is automated and self-paced. Rest assured that if you need anything, we will be ready to help you out. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: No matter the service provider, positions like this are common targets for fraud. For example, some people try to mask their IP address to work from unapproved locations. Welocalize's numerous fraud checks ensure that everyone who makes the team is real, qualified, and ready to work. 

Project Details: 

Pay Rate: 

Paid per task (approx. €12.00 per hour)


Home Office, France


Set your own schedule based on the following – Minimum commitment is 10 hours per week. You can choose to work up to 20 hours per week (if project needs allow).

Start Date: 


Employment Type: 

Freelance; Payment every 2 weeks

Project Duration: 

12 months (with possibility of extension). 

Data volumes can vary week to week. Some weeks there is more data to review, other weeks less. All Internet Raters are expected to commit to a minimum of 10 hours of work per week. 

Experience & Requirements 

  • Fluent in German (written and spoken)
  • Conversational in English
  • Located in France
  • Strong understanding of pop culture in the Germany
  • Reliable computer system and internet connection
  • Familiar understanding of how to use online search engines
  • Can receive and understand instructions in English and comply with the project conventions and rules expected by the client
  • Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect client confidentiality
  • Successfully pass learning modules and a required quality test designed by our client before starting work 

About Welocalize 

Welocalize is an award-winning global data and translation company with offices across the world. We’ve quietly worked on some of the biggest tech projects in history, from data localization and translation to generative AI and deep learning. We are beyond proud to serve our clients, our employees, and the end-users of all the projects we work on.