Post-war reconciliation is a long-term process and, as history has shown, it is not easily achieved. While there is no clear path to peace between countries, societies, or ethnic groups, there are outstanding examples of successful processes of reconciliation. One is the Franco-German case, which can serve as an inspiration for future post-war situations.

In this Web Talk, four authors featured in the new publication Franco-German Relations Seen from Abroad: Post-war Reconciliation in International Perspectives (edited by Nicole Colin and Claire Demesmay) will present their views on reconciliation. They will talk about their experiences in peace research as they pertain to specific regions: Israel/Palestinian Territories, Algeria/Morocco, Poland/Germany, and the Western Balkans. Together, we will assess whether states have learned their lessons in terms of promoting and sustaining peace in the aftermath of war – and what there is still to do.

The event is supported by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office and is part of the DFJW project “Youth for Peace,” which gathers young people from France, Germany, and associated countries on an annual basis to reflect upon and discuss questions of peace within the international system.