hi we are ASED cultural and youth Tunisian association in sousse  actualy we are actif with ErASMUS+ program and we are  accredited for EVS and quality lebel for ESC 

last year we host in Tunisia 24 EU volunteers and ssend to Europa 13 Tunisian young people for EVS and we like to develop eVS program in Tunisia 

also we host 2 youth  Erasmus exchange in sahara in tunisia ( in february 2019 with 50 participants coming from 8 countries / and the second one in October with 40 participants coming from 6 Countries )  approved by German and Austrian National Agency ..

so now we do like to be involved in OFAJ activities? we do like to host bilateral youth exchange in Sahara in Tunisia ? 

and we are open for all proposition of partenariat and activities 

email : mounirbo@netcourrier.com

facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/ASED-Association-112550102254689/

best regards 

mounir Bokchari