Charity event to support refugees from Ukraine


16.12.2023, 11-18h
Molkenmarkt 1, 10179 Berlin


Promote the importance of peace and democracy in wartime in Europe AND bring together artist from Ukraine, Germany and France to promote cultural exchange is the aim of our event.

In December, just before Christmas, we will gather to encourage the exchange of ideas between the public and young artists from the three countries. The program will include artistic workshops for children and adults, a panel discussion led by an artist from the Ukrainian Cultural Community and a sale of small artistic objects. Food and drinks will also be available.

The association MitOst, which will receive the profits from the day for its work with Ukraine, will also be taking part.

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Workshop „Installation“

When: 11h30 – 13h / 16h-17h30
Where: Foyer
Audience: 10-99 years old
Languages: German, French, English
Max 15 – 20 people

Is it possible to have PEACE (PLEASE)?

What is peace? What does it mean to you as a person and to us as beings living together on Earth?

Starting from these questions Agathe, Charlotte and Sophia will develop ideas with the participants and spin thoughts using a vast variety of artistic forms of expression (modelling, painting, words, sound…). These will then be used to create a common installation on the topic – giving a voice to a neglected necessity by collecting voices from all over the world. In a final step we will use our work for a performance to be recorded by video.

Workshop “Marzipanfiguren”

When: 11h30 – 12h30 / 14h30 – 15h30
Where: Sitzungssaal
Audience: 6-99 years old (also younger than 6 years old, but with help of the parents)
Languages: German, Ukrainian
Max 20 people

Oksana and the participants will create their own little marzipan figures.

Collage Workshop

When: 13h – 14h / 16h – 17h
Where: Sitzungssaal
Audience: 12-99 years old
Languages: Ukrainian, English
Max 20 people

Welcome! In this workshop, we will create exciting collages using newspapers and magazines to express our thoughts and reflections on the topic of “Democracy and War in Europe”. We will look at important aspects of these topics and reflect them in our creative compositions, starting an exciting dialogue through art. Join us to share your ideas and experiences through a unique perspective on these important issues.


Participation in the workshops is free of charge, a donation of your choice to MitOst would be appreciated.


Panel discussion

When: 17h -18h
Where: Kaminsaal
Language: English

„Art Bridge: Ukrainian Perspectives Reshaping Europe in Berlin”

“Art Bridges” is an inspiring discussion where master of art Valentyna Saliukhina and founder of the art platform UCC, Anastasiia Pasichnyk, share their personal experiences about living and creating in Berlin. They will reveal the secrets of cultural differences, talk about their path in a new environment and share their thoughts on how collaboration can change the future of Ukrainian culture in Europe. We invite you to plunge into the world of art, where everything is possible.

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Charity event